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The idea behind pay4society is if you do your shopping using pay4society link,Our web site will donate 50% of its profit to a welfare society.
Let's say you want to buy a Mobile from Market. You can buy the Mobile directly from Market or you can buy it through Pay4society  for example. The price is exactly the same and the product is exactly the same, but if you buy it using the Pay4society , then pay4society will give you commission according to your plan ,after the calculation of profit it will donate 50% of its profit to a welfare society. IN-SHA-ALLAH.A complete Sceduale program of welfare events and planings will be shared very sonly with our users,So that openly every user can see the total funds and their actions towards welfare program.Your corporation is highly appriciated.
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Pay4society donate the check reward to three(3) peoples."A first achievement of P4S users"

A wel managed system of pay4society.com (welfare program) is being under process through every one can share thier ideas and suggestions and see the records.

pay4society.com provide the uniform to the ten students of Metric class.(more detail will be displayed soonly).